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Welcome to the Supermind Wellness Program:

Play binaural beats and calming dance visuals for longer sleep cycles, helping with weight gain:

“The risk of developing obesity was increased by 15% in those sleeping 5 hours or less and increased by 6% in those sleeping 6 hours compared with those sleeping 7–8 hours.” - Harvard study, 2018

Practice the 4-7-8 relaxing breathing technique:

This is a deep rhythmic breathing technique based on pranayama practices. The breathing exercise involves a characteristic pattern of inhaling into the belly, following through the heart, and exhaling through the mouth to reduce anxiety and have a good night's rest - Sleep Foundation

Try wellness routines for sleep, calm, energy, focus and other benefits.

How to access SUPERMIND wellness routines/programs:

Option 1 - Free Trial:
Enjoy 10+ free routines to support your daily wellness for sleep, calm, focus & energy
Option 2 - Subscription Program For USD 12.99 monthly or USD 69.99 annually: 
- Full access to wellness routines library
- Free wellness product giveaways (supplements and limited edition items)
- Free VIP access to SUPERMIND's 3D Virtual Wellness Spaces (claimed by customers)
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NASA Spacewalker: Ep 1 - Positive Affirmations

Explore our virtual wellness spaces:

Wellness Retreat & Gallery (on Spatial's 3D Virtual Platform)

SpaceBeach & Waterfalls (on Spatial's 3D Virtual Platform in Decentraland)